My path in a few words…

I have always felt attracted by nature, and by the wildlife, so beautiful in its diversity. I was lucky to grow in a kind of island hanging on the shores of Lake Geneva, this lake set like a jewel between the Alps and the Jura. Far from the concerns of adulthood and lulled by the pages of the stories of the naturalist Gerald Durrell, read to us by our mother, and soon by my own readings of adventure novels, I was watching the comings and goings of the migratory birds, anticipating my own explorations of a fabulous world, which evidently waited for me beyond the mountains which formed my horizon. The place where I grew up was perhaps a bit too much like a corner of forgotten paradise to let me escape unscathed... Photography quickly established itself as the preferred way to retain some of this fugitive grace, which scarcely ever born, is already caught in the vortex of time. Life goes always too fast for a contemplative person. Photographing allowed me to have this second look at things, always in the hope of discovering a piece of the puzzle of my own identity, long torn between the pious wishes of some and my own unspoken desires.

The world is an enigma ... Some beautiful trips have only increased my amazement, but also my perplexity!

It is sometimes difficult to accept that beauty, peace and exaltation, must coexist with violence, with meanness and with pain. Yet it is a duality that inhabits each of us. Born into a traditional Christian home, I had some religious background. But this tradition seemed inapplicable to real life. Therefore, when things went wrong and my dreams fell apart, it took me a while to consider that God's love could be the answer to my unhappyness. Finally, it was God who drew me unto him, and I think I can say that walking together was the best decision we made!

In these times of uncertainty and with the upheavals that are ahead, I had to share a little of what keeps me alive and also optimistic about the future. Should you wish to know more about my experience, and how it relates to the extraordinary events the world is going to know, I invite you to read or to listen to my testimony, as well as to a very personal analysis of the world's events. My own writing is at this stage only in French, but there is a links page to some very informative talk and to moving testimonials in other langages.

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Without homily and without speech but through its ephemeral beauty, nature bears wittness to the existence of an invisible reality. It expresses the creative breath of a universe where every intake brings to life, and where each exhalation is a reminder of a primeval dust. For it should be remembered that if it offers some wonderful sights, life is first and foremost a constant miracle.