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"A life lived apart from the truth is by no means worthy of man."


“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer”  (Henry David Thoreau)




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The world as we know it turns out to be a counterfeit of the world originally designed by God. Nature and man are subject to degeneration. Religion, politics, but also medicine, are pale substitutes for what God is capable of doing and of which we deprive ourselves. Our knowledge is imperfect and requires a transition from the natural dimension to the spiritual dimension, that is to say from manifestation to causality. In the years to come, the world will face deadly health threats, compared to which the current pandemic is just a common cold. This evil that will reach us will not simply be new viruses, but it finds its origin in the spiritual world. Vaccines will not be enough to save us and could even harm us. In order to survive the days to come, we must take advantage of the respite granted to us, to learn to use the powerful spiritual tools that are the prerogative of our humanity. In the meantime, we honor our doctors and medical staff who are precious people who fight to keep us alive with the partial knowledge they have.





•  General Health Concerns.

• COVID: The point on the best protection solutions.

•  Lyme Disease

•  The Real Reasons why the New Vaccines Are Suspicious.

•  The Health Secret that is kept from Us.





Many conflicts, droughts, floods and other natural disasters have left countless families in a very precarious situation. Let's not forget the poor, especially children. “Who has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord who will reward him,” says the author of Proverbs 19:17.


COMPASSION | Let's not Forget the Poor !

Child sponsorship, food aid and schooling are some of the areas of activity of the organization Compassion. But what sets the work of this organization apart from many others is that it makes Jesus Christ known. Did you know that the Gospel lived and shared is the best protection against poverty, exploitation and the premature death of children ?






Sustainable development


Where is our World going? — Should we buy the idea that the world's population needs to be drastically reduced in order to save the planet?

“The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), affirmed in its 2009 report on the state of the world population, presented at the Copenhagen conference on November 18, 2009, that global warming can only be contained by massive reduction in world population. Almost at the same time, the Optimum Population Trust (OPT) - a British NGO campaigning to reduce the world's population - estimated that the cheapest way to solve the problem of global warming would be to reduce the world's population by 500 million people by 2050”. (Source: Le Monde). This figure of 500 million does not come from nowhere. It is engraved on a stone monument – the Georgia Guidestones – which was erected in the state of Georgia in 1980 by an obscure mystical group. The figure of 500 million is actually mentioned there as the number of inhabitants not to be exceeded, for the planet to be viable. Some consider this manifesto as the table of the ten commandments of the Antichrist, illustrating the deep thought of a world which has rejected the God of the Bible, and the plot they have secretly hounded against humanity. ...

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We would thus have two main schools of thought. Forgetting that “everything that is valid in the modern world came to it from Christianity which brought with it all the heritage of previous traditions” (i.e. the Judaism), as the Muslim provocateur René Guénon wrote in “The Crisis of the modern world”, published in 1927, many have adhered for libertarian reasons, to the pseudo-scientific fables elaborated by the enemies of God, who claim that life is the result of an accident that occurred in a primordial chemical soup – in other words, we are self-made men and we are not accountable to anyone –, and that our Earth is a lost ship on the waves of a universe hostile to life. And then there are those who know that the world was conceived by an intelligence and that it was brought into existence by the creative faith of this God, and that by virtue of this principle, the resources to which we can appeal are inexhaustible. One has evolutionism as ideologies and climate activism as religion. If we do nothing to regulate the population and to reduce the impact of human activities on the planet, resources will run out, before we can organize our migration to hypothetical interstellar shores. The rats will then have to devour each other. The other group knows that the universe is the product of a creative process that is constantly expanding. The terrestrial biosphere exists only because God brought it into existence, and it subsists because he sustains it with his will. Seen from this angle, climatic variations and disturbances are the consequences of attacks on the spiritual integrity of our cosmos. Many situations are mentioned in the Bible which demonstrate this direct relationship between the justice of men and the benevolence of God towards them, manifesting among other fields, in climatic conditions that are optimal for their prosperity. Now Jesus did not come to assert his divine supremacy over the human race, but he came to restore us to our divine identity. And in the event that opposing forces would want to challenge us this position which is rightfully ours, Jesus demonstrates, by speaking to the storm and by commanding other facts that we qualify as miraculous, that when man is connected to his Creator, he has the spiritual power to command even on the climatic elements. In Luke 21, Jesus warns us that cataclysms will occur in the last days, because the “powers of ouranos” will falter, due to the wickedness of men. To live in a harmonious world, we are required, on the one hand to live in accordance with the natural and spiritual laws of the Creator, and on the other hand, to affirm the supremacy of man over creation, and not simply expect a hypothetical spiritual entity to protect us from the misfortunes provoked by our inconsistencies. If some resources were to fail, God could also produce new ones in a supernatural way, as he filled the widow's vessels with oil, turned the water into wine, and multiplied the loaves and the fish, not limited to these examples. This supernatural of God, which we must be careful not to equate with the cursed magic of Harry Potter, does not concern only our resources, but it actually touches all areas of life – everything we need to establish and perpetuate a divine order and harmony over the chaos that prevails where the creative word has not taken hold. The supernatural of God is the dimension for which the original man – Adam - was created. It was through its means that he was supposed to transform the whole earth into this original Eden that God had fashioned for him as a model. It was not so, and the Apostle Paul says that “the earth still waits and with longing for the revelation of the sons of God.” If the earth waits and gags at times, it is because unlike many people, the earth knows who must redeem it and from what. After having failed and having exhausted our starting capital extracted “with the sweat of our brow” to sometimes vilify it, we will have to revise our bases in order to survive the new millennium. Now our future depends on it. This supernatural of God was personified by Christ, both human and divine, who made it accessible to all believers. André Malraux perhaps did not think he was saying so well when he said: “The twenty-first century will be spiritual, or it won't be”.

“The foundations of the earth belong to the Lord. On them he has set the world. He guards the paths of his faithful servants. But evil people will lie silent in their dark graves. People don’t win just because they are strong”. 1 Samuel 2:8-9.



Read also: The Revelation of the Sons of God or the Future of the World.


Pastor survived his mother’s attempt to abort him and urges women to choose life.

I share all of this because so many women are told today that, if they are pregnant and their child is unwanted, they should just have an abortion. I am living proof that this is not the answer. There are many ways to let that child live. Even if you don’t want the baby, someone else does, and God has a plan for that child. Jack Hibbs.

The Precious Blood of Jesus – Kevin Zadai

It has always been about the blood. From Genesis to Calvary, it has always been about the blood and it has always been about the genetics. You have no idea how important for God it is that you are and remain a pure stock human being. But who would want to interfere and alter us? Who want to mingle their seed with men seed?



“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time”. Romans 8


Our God is not a silent God.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1.

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified.” John 7:38-39.



The Satanic Plot to Reduce the Earth's Population

What’s the common thread between man-made viruses, late-term abortions, damaging vaccinations, climate change indoctrination, legalization of drugs, and the promotion of a multi-gender society? A very dark plot that isn’t hidden anymore! Join Amir Tsarfati as he uses the word of God to unveil the satanic plot to reduce the earth's population.


Tom Scarella & Curry Blake on Spirits of Infirmity, Demons and Sickness

Tom Scarrella does an interview in Dallas with Curry Blake on Spirit of Infirmity - Demons and Sickness. What are those spirits, how do they come in, who is more likely to be affected, how can we get rid of them? It's a powerful truth that will answer so many healing questions!

• More on this topic.




The Vaccine Takeover

“Not only has the vaccine brought no change in mortality rates, but according to reliable scientific sources, it is responsible for around 17 million deaths so far and has also caused countless injuries. It is even suggested by some scientists that the long-term prognosis of vaccinated people is compromised. But the tragedy is that “they” are compromising the future of the Earth's populations and particularly of the children by continuing to promote not only this vaccine that kills people but also many other vaccines that are harmful to children. The ascendancy of the industry now controls complete health systems, state goverments and information.”


April 2 2024

Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/2/24 | Tucker Carlson Tonight April 2, 2024

They’re still claiming the Covid vax is safe and effective. However, there are millions who have lost their health in what is wrongly called long covid, an illness in reality attributable in many cases to the vaccine itself. Dr. Pierre Kory treats hundreds of these seriously injured patients, particularly young people, previously active and in very good health. Why is no one in public health offices paying attention to these numbers? Only life insurance companies, which are seeing their profits decrease in alarming proportions, are trying to sound the alarm.

January 2024

Lung Cancer Group – Helping Lung Cancer Victims Find Justice

According to the American Cancer Society, 238,340 new cases of lung cancer will be diagnosed this year. Our organization offers free educational resources and provides accurate, current information about lung cancer and its health impacts. Our mission is to raise awareness about lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases.

N Acetyl L Cysteine (NAC)

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) is the N-acetyl derivative of the naturally occurring amino acid L-cysteine. And works primarily by helping restore the body’s natural antioxidant glutathione. NAC has proven benefits in helping us to prevent and cure many disorders, especially brain related but also due to flu and other infectious agents.



December 2023

What is the number one killer in our western society?

STOP EATING These Foods To Burn Belly Fat | Mark Hyman

Belly fat, or visceral fat around the organs, is the number-one cause of aging. It drives inflammation, increases the risk of blood clots, changes your hormones and brain chemistry, and more. It’s a recipe for disaster in the body. Not only does belly fat surround the organs, but it’s an organ of its own that produces dangerous inflammatory cytokines that may lead to a cytokine storm. In short, we want to do everything we can to avoid belly fat.



September 2023
Dr Berg gets silenced by new policies.

Hear what this fine doctor who leans on natural medicine and nutrition and who has given us free access to his research, has to say about what is happening now to make the financial interests of a few prevail on the good sense of many.




“The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense.” ~ Dr. R. F.


The Vaccine Takeover

“Not only has the vaccine brought no change in mortality rates, but according to reliable scientific sources, it is responsible for around 17 million deaths so far and has also caused countless injuries. It is even suggested by some scientists that the long-term prognosis of vaccinated people is compromised. But the tragedy is that “they” are compromising the future of the Earth's populations and particularly of the children by continuing to promote not only this vaccine that kills people but also many other vaccines that are harmful to children. The ascendancy of the industry now controls complete health systems, state goverments and information.”


April 2 2024

Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/2/24 | Tucker Carlson Tonight April 2, 2024

They’re still claiming the Covid vax is safe and effective. However, there are millions who have lost their health in what is wrongly called long covid, an illness in reality attributable in many cases to the vaccine itself. Dr. Pierre Kory treats hundreds of these seriously injured patients, particularly young people, previously active and in very good health. Why is no one in public health offices paying attention to these numbers? Only life insurance companies, which are seeing their profits decrease in alarming proportions, are trying to sound the alarm.



October 2023

Dr Martin at the European Parliament.
Covid and its long preparation for a crime against humanity !


September 2023

As fall approaches, we once again hear grim calls for COVID vaccination. But let's be objective. Most people don't know God, and even those who know him don't know that God can protect them. So for them, since COVID is a spirit that needs a ground of anxiety to thrive and kill, perhaps the safety offered by a vaccine will make the difference even if it is only a placebo effect. But don't be fooled. The Egyptians were considered to have the best medical and pharmaceutical knowledge of the time. However, even a king who mocks God: Sennacherib, king of the Assyrians, sees through this fool's game. He said to the king of Israel: “Do not think that you can rely on Egypt. It is like a broken bamboo that enters the hand of anyone who leans on it.” Our governments sign contracts with pharmaceutical companies that supply them with billions of euros worth of vaccines, even though these contracts stipulate that these products were developed in haste, that they contain potentially harmful substances and that they are marketed prior to being able to test their real effectiveness or their long-term side effects. And so, our governments will be held responsible in place of the pharmaceutical industry for any risks that vaccines pose to the future health of the vaccinated population.


July 2023


I was FORCED into silence... it ends NOW !

The title says it all.

Young People Dropping Dead | The Global Lane - July 6, 2023

The vaccines are literally killing thousands of people and injuring countless numbers.


April 2023


To date, no official agency or government body has produced a conclusive investigation into the coronavirus crisis. Among the investigations carried out by private investigators, this is undoubtedly one of the most complete.

(中文字幕)The Coverup of the Century | Zooming In’s one-hour documentary movie | ZOOMING IN SPECIAL

Zooming In’s one-hour documentary movie follows investigative reporter Simone Gao’s inquiry into critical questions about the pandemic: What did the Chinese Communist leadership do at the early stages of the outbreak? What significant truth have they concealed from the world, and why did they do that? The documentary also casts light on why the Chinese Communist Party was not held accountable for the past 40 years and what can be learned from the western world’s history of dealing with Communist China.


December 2022


Are we now at the mercy of scientific laboratories that develop and let these viruses with augmented infectious capacities escape? A new power is trying to establish itself at the favour of those events, a technocratic totalitarianism. Fear is a major factor in the severity of an infection. Let's not forget the one who conquered sickness and death for us. Jesus has given us authority over the spirits of sickness, because it is from this angle that we must consider our resistance. Some simple precautions can help us prevent a severe viral infection, such as having sufficient levels of vitamin D3 and zinc and wearing a mask in crowded places. But the most effective approach is to fight this thing in prayer and praise. God will keep us from harm. Take inspiration, for example, from Psalm 18.

Gravitas LIVE | China unleashes the Wuhan Virus on the world again

News are not good. Truth tellers are warning of a new worldwide pandemic. Other news indicate that a deadly drug has been released in the US : Fentanyl, in quantities large enough to kill people by the millions.


September 2022

POST-COVID Symptoms? Do This! – Dr.Berg

Here are a few things you can try for post-COVID symptoms. Mind also that you may need to excrete vaccine residues.



We've known it for a long time: Graphene oxide, a nano-compound highly toxic to humans, is secretly added in varying amounts to COVID vaccines. But what is the purpose of this experiment? … The answer will probably send shivers down your spine.


August 2022

This is a video I just came by which came out in May. I wanted to relay it for the quality of the explanations provided and for the table talk about some solutions that can help alleviate the symptoms, but also because it makes us aware of how many wonderful and formerly healthy people have seen their life falling apart in a lasting way due to vaccine injuries. Medical studies have been made long ago which acknowledged a problem, but they have never been published or acted on, understandably not to scare people and dissuade them from getting vaccinated.

First Ever NIH/NIND Study on Vaccine Caused Neurological Injuries

There could be hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected with a lasting peripheral neuropathy after they took the vaccine. Yet we never hear about it in the regular news. Doctors are not informed either, which is sad when we know that an early intervention is key to a successful recovery.

July 2022

Massive cover up continues as new vaccination campaigns are promoted.

Victims of the Vax Special | GBNews

Massive disinformation and denial, and false accusations spread against the victims of the vaccine and their families.



June 2022

New vaccination programs are organized while truth tellers are called “spreaders of misinformation” and are cancelled from mainstream media. What are some of the vaccine risks that promoters of vaccination won't tell you about?

Hepatitis and liver damage especially in children, myocarditis increasing the risk of heart attack by 25% in young people, serious adverse events in pregnant women, disrupted menstrual cycles, sudden death in previously healthy people, the list could go on – many people are calling for the cessation of vaccinations, considering that these vaccines only offer too limited protection in view of the non-negligible risks.


May 2022


The IFRC has made its press announcement on Mai 12 2022 during the Global COVID-19 Summit in Geneva: “World leaders must step up and ensure that everyone, everywhere, has access to vaccines, tests and treatments.”

The day before, on May 11, the representatives of more than 17.000 physicians and medical scientists from around the world, made a declaration: “We stand for truth and integrity in medical science. We are owned by no company, by no politician or political party. We are here to represent humanity and medical ethics. We, united through our loyalty to the Hippocratic oath, recognize that the disastrous COVID-19 public health policies imposed on doctors and our patients are the culmination of a corrupt medical alliance of pharmaceuticals, insurance, and healthcare institutions, along with the financial trusts which control them. They have infiltrated our medical system at every level, and are protected and supported by a parallel alliance of big tech, media, academics and government agencies who profited from this orchestrated catastrophe”.

I encourage you to listen to this mind opening conference to the end. It is in English, after the French intro.

GCS – Restore Scientific Integrity

The way the global pandemic was orchestrated and continues to be treated, is a crime against humanity according to the plus 17.000 physicians and medical scientists from around the world who signed the chart.




February 2022


Are we stupid?

Two years ago, China released scary images of people dying in the streets, of gigantic emergency hospitals being built in a hurry, of people locked down and police patrolling the streets. The result has been fear and havoc, and eventually a weakening of all foreign economies, while China is rising an army.
Today, the same laboratory of Wuhan, which had released this modified virus which has paralysed our world and brought poverty to the lower class, has made a preventive announcement. It has identified a new virus from South Africa, which they say is just one step from infecting humans. But while the SRAS-Cov-2 virus had a fatality rate of about 1,5%, the NeoCov virus has a fatality rate of 30%. But how do they know that, unless they have already worked out this transmission and modelled it in their lab or at full size? And by a strange coincidence, this announcement comes at the Olympics, just as on the first time. …Greed has decidedly no limit and as always, is the worst enemy of mankind.


The probability that the Covid virus was created in the laboratory is almost beyond doubt, according to an expatriate Chinese researcher. To date, no government has officially attributed the origin of the pandemic to the Wuhan laboratory leak. Failure to investigate this hypothesis and take action leaves the way open for future pandemics of “incidental” origin, whether due to an act of war, or a mafia crime for the purpose of profit.

The world can't afford another man made pandemic.


Gravitas News | Wuhan scientists flag deadlier coronavirus

Scientists in Wuhan have flagged a deadlier coronavirus found in bats from South Africa. They say the virus is one mutation away from infecting humans. Its mortality rate is around 33%. Palki Sharma tells you how the world should respond.


The Pandemic: Will Truth Prevail? | Scott Atlas

Hillsdale College — The Academy for Science and Freedom fellow delivers talk titled, “The SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic: Will Truth Prevail?”


January 2022

Vitamin D3, K2, Zinc, in the U.K. and in Israel

During this pandemic, much emphasis has been put on the overload of work in the medical care system, on lack of beds and ventilators, on people dying due to age, to co-morbidity or to racial sensitivity to the COVID. But it is strange to see how thin the information has been on ways to protect people from developing a severe form of COVID. Dr Michael Cohen speaks about his experience.


November 2021

Generalized vaccination is presented as the only possible route out of the health crisis. Let’s admit. But what information is deliberately withheld from the public, in this media “forcing” which behind the facade of our governments, turns out to be a diktat orchestrated by a mercantile organization? A preliminary CDC study suggests that natural immunity acquired through exposure to the virus is long lasting and that it protects against further infections, but the immunity acquired through vaccination is only short lived. For some reason, however, the CDC is not authorized to conduct the study or to release figures. To the question of the Senate: "What percentage of CDC employees are vaccinated, is it less than fifty percent?" the director replied: "We do not have this figure but we are working to bring ourselves up to standards, to meet the regulations". Go figure ...


How the Economy of the poorest People was Destroyed

What happened during this pandemic is that many politicians outsourced their responsibility to the public, to public health people. However, the raison d'être of health professionals is to promote the disease of the month.

CDC Director under Pressure

When doctors have to speak like politicians in an attempt to avoid having to admit that they themselves are suspicious of treatment options, you know something is wrong.
Do you really not know? A follow up.

Are scientists methods a threat to Humanity?

Research and manipulating viruses in order for them to "gain in function" has proven to be capable of endangering civilization. We are suffering from a modified virus that has a death rate of around one percent, while they are "working" on other viruses that achieve a death rate of fifty percent or more. And researchers escape their responsibilities by playing with words.

• High Vitamin D, low deaths


October 2021.

“The vaccine is safe and it is the only way out of this crisis. Get vaccinated against COVID, out of your civic sense and by solidarity!”. This is the message that government agencies seem to want to convey, to pressure those who do not see the need to be vaccinated. And the mainstream media are ready for any betrayal to support this position. This is how Ivermectin is called "deworming treatment for horses, toxic to humans", despite the fact that more than 4 billion doses have been safely administered to (human) patients since 1998 and that it has also cured thousands of people with COVID, almost overnight, while being harmless at the recommended doses, and that those who cast doubts on the need to vaccinate the entire earth population including children and people already immune, are called “anti-vaccine conspiration theorists, anti-progress, who still believe that the earth is flat”, that doctors who have a divergent opinion are undermined and condemned, and that the opinion is manipulated by fictitious statistics which impute to the Delta Variant, among other culprits, the lesions which are imputable to the vaccines themselves, as shown by reports from whistle-blowers working in hospitals in the United States and elsewhere. We can bet that this situation is not unique. In fact, many doctors who are on the vaccination front, and medical staff, are reporting, often secretly because of threats set against them by an almighty order, a growing case of conscience. It must be said that the company which produces the vaccine deemed to be the safest, admits all the same having recorded half a million reported cases of side effects, ranging from death to less serious but persistent symptoms. It can be reasonably assumed that the number of cases of vaccine sequelae is actually at least ten times higher than what is diagnosed as such, and reported by doctors.

Should people die prematurely from complications linked to a potentially dangerous vaccine, whose protection hardly exceeds six months to a year, for reasons of state, that is to say, not to have to disclose information likely to slow down the vaccination? Faced with the emergence of increasingly aggressive variants, which suggests the headlong rush that this vaccine policy could become over the next few years, is it not urgent to reassess the benefit of generalized vaccination and reorient the effort towards preventive measures, based essentially on spreading information aimed at improving the health of the population and its resilience, until sufficient immunity is attained?


Massive 'Horse' lies about the Nobel Prize Winning Treatment.

Analyses sanguines post-injection : l'inquiétude grandit.

CDC Notice: Myocarditis and Pericarditis After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination

Pericarditis after vaccination

Hard workers and sportsmen should be made aware of this relatively common and potentially fatal vaccine complication, which also leads to reduced life expectancy.
A follow up. The risks associated with accidental intravenous injection.



"The first and great commandment is : Don't let them scare you." - Elmer Davis

General concerns about vaccination

Where are they driving us and why? What is Eugenics?

Rewriting the human genome, rewriting human rights law?
FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by regulating human and veterinary drugs, vaccines and other biological products. Under the pressure of Covid, FDA approved new regulations. The germline gene editing science race has started. The last time this happened, it was ended by a flood…

A reminder
Vaccines: The Unauthorized Truth Pt. 1
Vaccines: The Unauthorized Truth Pt. 2
Vaccines: The Unauthorized Truth Pt. 5

Is there a link between the rise of neurodegenerative diseases and generalized vaccination procedures?
The answer is yes absolutely, but evidences are denied.



Newly Released Documentary Sept 28 2021

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan

This Sky News Australia special investigation into the origins of COVID-19 reveals what really happened in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic. Award-winning journalist Sharri Markson spent more than a year investigating the potential leak of the virus from a top-secret laboratory in Wuhan.


The Wuhan High Tech Virology Laboratory, built with the claim to serve to protect the planet from the threat of new viruses, has once again proven the folly of scientists who manipulate and modify potentially dangerous organisms for the purpose of an experiment. The SARS-Cov2 virus, responsible for COVID, had been genetically modified by researchers so that, among other things, it could infect humans and be much more transmissible. Is the leak just the result of an unfortunate handling accident? We may know a little more in the next few years.


Could the next Wuhan be… Bern ?


June 2021


The Truth About the Origin of COVID and the Laboratory Leak Theory

Doctors say, anything that does suggest that SARS-CoV-2 is not from natural origin must be considered a conspiration theory. But how likely is that possible? Have such leaks happened in the past? What does the virus itself have to say about it? Knowing the truth is important for it can help in preventing the next pandemics.




Covid Vaccine


There is an urgent need to be well informed


The verified figures of the pandemic in Switzerland.

These figures show that the death rate from the pandemic in Switzerland has so far been 20 people per 100,000 inhabitants. 97% of those who died were suffering from at least one pre-existing disease. The three most frequently mentioned were hypertension (63%), cardiovascular disease (57%) and diabetes (26%). By way of comparison and to put things in perspective, 20 people per 100,000 inhabitants died from suicides and 55 people per 100,000 inhabitants died from respiratory diseases in 2018 before the pandemic (source OFSP).


September 2021

We are nowhere near escaping the pandemic, and far from being the solution, vaccination is now part of the problem. The COVID statistics internationally collected by the Zoe COVID organization give the lie to the figures given to us on the effectiveness of vaccination. According to a reliable source, the interpretation of the collected data put forward by the Kings College Institute in London, shows that vaccinated people would be sensitive to new versions of the virus, as much if not more than unvaccinated people, and that no vaccine brand escapes this observation. Based on studies carried out in various countries where vaccination is very advanced such as Israel, the United Kingdom, Chile and the Seychelles, vaccination appears to exacerbate the virus by forcing it to produce mutations. In Israel, more than 55% of patients with the Delta variant were vaccinated people and they represent 60% of patients who had to be hospitalized, half of them in a serious condition. Even if we are vaccinated, let's continue to take basic precautions and keep ourselves in shape and vitaminized in order to strengthen our natural defenses. Due in part to the ongoing mixing of populations, the race which has begun for global vaccination could turn out to be nothing but a disastrous headlong rush.



May 2021

Today, after analyzing the results of the first major COVID vaccination campaigns, doctors, virologists and epidemiologists are wondering. They fear that these vaccination programs in the midst of a pandemic will have adverse effects that correspond to a shot in the foot in terms of global immunity. What they are seeing is that mass vaccination initially slows the pandemic. But a new wave of contamination immediately follows, by viruses which have learned to thwart our immune defenses. Instead of dealing with a virus that is relatively benign for healthy people, we are going to have to face increasingly aggressive viruses because they will have learned to bypass the immune defenses of healthy people. This finding comes with variants of the virus appearing around the world, where preliminary vaccination trials have taken place. Variants are mutations and the result of a selective immune evasion mechanism triggered in viruses by vaccination. This phenomenon of the strengthening of the virus could prove to be counterproductive or even disastrous for humanity. To be safe and effective, vaccination should be undertaken preventively and not while the virus is circulating. You should also know that this RNA vaccine does not protect against the virus and that it does not prevent its transmission. It doesn't always prevent the development of COVID, but it alleviates the symptoms. In addition, the first reports suggest in certain categories of people a tendency to die soon after vaccination from complications related to mysterious blood clots, which raises suspicion and concern. Women also seem to be prone to unexpected immune reactions. Our governments are taken hold of and they have chosen not to disclose those informations in order to maintain immunization programs, because they see no other alternative for economic recovery. Should we vaccinate people who want to be vaccinated because they are more at risk of developing severe COVID? The answer is obvious. But wanting to vaccinate the entire population, including children who have nothing to fear from the virus, when we know very well that these vaccines will only have a temporary effect, gives rise to debate. As urgent and necessary as it may seem in this context of crisis, generalized vaccination should be the subject of further reflection.

Patients will die for lack of adequate care, and during this time, others will ignore the fact that they are infected. What in many cases will make the difference is not just the age of these people, but according to many studies, a significant part of the population is very deficient in certain vitamins or is in a state of chronic inflammation due to over-refined diet, leaky gut or long term exposure to pollutants. According to many old-school educated general practitioners, the elderly or vulnerable, but also anyone concerned about their health, should take Vitamin D3 if there is no contraindication, and zinc mainly, for better resistance to viruses. Incidentally, vitamin C and minerals, to promote their internal functioning. Switching to an acidosis and inflammation prevention diet and strengthening the gut flora are also healthy precautions. Let us never forget that our intestinal microbiota is our first and best ally in fighting any form of disease.


April 2021


Was COVID-19 made inside a Chinese lab? | 60 Minutes Australia – Under Investigation

The world was told the Coronavirus leaped from animals to humans at a market in China – but many scientists now fear it leaked from a lab. Doctors say this leap would have taken 15 years to evolve naturally. Laboratory leaks have happened before and in many countries. Experts reveal the new research techniques that put us all at risk.



• The Health Secret that is kept from us.

• What They are not Telling You.

“If you will listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight, obeying his commands and keeping all his decrees, then I will not make you suffer any of the diseases I sent on the Egyptians; for I am the Lord who heals you.” Exodus 15:26
“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you”. Luke 10:19



Medical Information withheld from The Public : How to Prevent Getting Covid
Doctors claim that a 200 mg tablet of a certain drug, taken twice a week, would prevent people who are in close contact with the public, or the elderly, as well as doctors and hospital staff, from getting. sick. An inexpensive drug, studied over nearly fifty years, which proves harmless at this dosage.


Why don't we promote health to fight COVID?

The new coronavirus has infected thousands of people around the world, sparking feelings of fear and anxiety among the population. A veil of mystery still surrounds this disease, but one thing is certain: as with other viral infections, adopting proper hygiene and strengthening the immune system are essential for staying healthy. Let us never forget that it is not vaccination alone that has removed the specter of epidemics, but it is first the best conditions of personal hygiene and the sanitation of our cities that have removed the ground for the spread of germs.

Prof Eli Schwartz IVERMECTIN Israel RCT study.

“I quickly became very ill, and tested positive. My doctor prescribed me 4 mg of Ivermectin per day for 5 days, plus zinc and vitamins C and D3. I completely recovered by day 2 of ivermectin. It was miraculous. My mom took it prophylactically, and although she was exposed to me, she didn't get it at all. The drug works for sure and those who want to bury this information will have to pay the price for the unnecessary deaths in the life to come ”.

Treating successfully COVID is a matter of administering the right care or medication, at the right time.

During the first outbreak of the virus, many patients died because doctors had to understand the interactions between virus, drugs, spread of the virus and die off, inflammatory reactions due to residues, and so on. Today, treating COVID should no longer be empiric or guessworks. Timing is of utmost importance.

FrontLine Critical Care Alliance – On a Mission to Save Thousands & Slow the Pandemic

Doctors and researchers formed a working group devoted to creating a treatment protocol against COVID-19. Novel treatments are real alternatives to the regular paths, and are very successful in treating COVID, such as a protocol which involves the controlled use of Ivermectin.

Should Christians take the COVID Vaccine?

Rather than blindly obeying a state-dictated decision, Christians should judge everything on the base of the Word of God. The Bible says that we are to obey the laws of the land for as long as the authorities are in submission to God. But it also says that when laws are in conflict with what God asks from us, Christians face a difficult choice. We must be well informed on what we are taking, and if evil stands in our way, we should obey God rather than men, as the apostles also suggest.

About 90% of infectious cases revealed by PCR tests are asymptomatic.

The PCR test detects inactive (non-infectious) viral particles. Extensive studies have shown that asymptomatic people have a low viral load and do not spread COVID-19. One of the reasons why the rate of positive tests and mortality do not rise proportionally is the fact that a large majority of people who test positive for SARS-CoV-2, do not get sick. However, these distorted PCR test statistics are the basis of the anti-covid measures put in place, which are disastrous for our economies. Not to mention the pointless anxiety that these figures arouse within an already fragile population.

Scientists make a fantastic discovery on the properties of human DNA.

Science has always wanted to set limits on the extent to which one area can interfere with another area. What scientists recently discovered is that when confined in the presence of our DNA, the totally random photons reorganize to mimic the shape of our DNA ! What I take from this is that our DNA is a much more powerful entity than just a human being dictionary. Our DNA retains some of the nature of our creator. “Let there be light”. No wonder that some want to deliberately alter it.

How do vaccine technologies compare?

Would you like to be injected into your cell’s nucleus with DNA from a virus taken from the chimpanzee? This is what you got if you took a certain brand of COVID shot. But don't worry, you shouldn't take the features of the chimpanzee just overnight.

Is the COVID Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?

Pastor Jack Hibbs and Amir Tsarfati tackle this question and discuss the speculation surrounding the COVID vaccine. Does it play a role in end times events? What does the Bible really say about the mark of the beast?



The real reasons why we should not overly trust these new "Vaccines".

Doctors and researchers warn us: COVID vaccines could harm us more than COVID itself. The research was rushed, and the least we can say is that the world is now serving as a large-scale testing laboratory. If the entire population is vaccinated, how will we be able to compare the effects of vaccinations on the health of people with an unvaccinated sample? And what about this takeover of the pharmaceutical world? The data was manipulated from the start, first to hide the origin of the virus from us, then to rule out simple and effective therapeutic means, to impose containment, and now to galvanize people's minds by extolling vaccination. Think about this: this is the first time in the history of the world that the entire planet dances to the same tune, dictated by an organization. This manipulation of the opinion through fear could be much more damaging for our nations than the simple health risk linked to the virus. Should we believe the media and politicians who accuse people who do not wish to be vaccinated of being conspirators and enemies of the good of society? In a democratic country, shouldn't we at all costs preserve a freedom of choice and that of being able to express our opinions without becoming the target of a lynching? But there are other reasons why, Christians in particular but also all who are a little observant, think that these compulsory vaccination programs, which will certainly go for a very long time, could pave the way for a form of cynical and calculated contamination. The pro and anti-vaccines seem to be stuck in positions dictated by the information they have at their disposal. We are all widely educated as to why we should be vaccinated, but what are some of the other side's arguments? Because it seems that these questions go far beyond the vaccination itself ...

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Secular science does not exist. Science must be respectful of God, or else it is devilish. The religion behind cutting edge science is the occult, and if you research the origins of our medical knowledge, you will understand why. The Bible is a very simple book to understand, as long as we accept the analysis it gives us on ourselves and on the world. This Bible has been telling us for nearly 2000 years that a day will come when, under a certain government, people will no longer be able to enter a store or even work if they do not carry the "charagma" – the mark of the beast in their flesh. Much speculation has been made as to what this "mark" might be, and most of which has turned out to be false because it ignored the geopolitical context in which the Bible places this futuristic politics. We once to denounced money, then bar codes, and smart cards as soon as they appeared. It is now the turn of the COVID vaccine to be singled out. All of these things certainly play a role in the establishment of a supra-state organization that now aims to be global. But as you can imagine, the shadow that now hangs over our future needs to be explained a little more elaborate way. We will try to shed some light here, without venturing into details.

This mark, or signature, has several elements to it. There is the visible mark, a means of identification and a sign of allegiance to a system. A number is associated with this mark and the Bible says it is a man number and the number 666 or 6, 6, 6. In Greek, this sentence is a grammatical ambiguity. At the time this was written, some believe it was a direct allusion to the name of Nero Caesar, who personified the Antichrist of the time. However, we are not aware of a trademark or tattoo imposed at the time to be entitled to trade. Maybe there was an intention to ostracise the Christians by keeping them out of public life. The first letter of the number – Greek numbers were written in letters – suggests God, or rather an idol. We may think that man or a man, will be elevated as “the god” by this system. We know for example that this is what Freemasonry is promoting. This occult organization that came from Europe whose principle is based on initiation to levels of consciousness – the lodges – has infiltrated the American government from its foundation. Scientology is based on similar principles, as indeed is every more or less secret occult organisation. Revelation 17:12 mentions these initiations or transfers of spiritual power which now take place in the circles of political governance. A branch of Freemasonry maintains close links with the Islamic world, which brings us even closer to the geopolitical context in which the new Antichrist should be emerging. But, what the Holy Spirit could show us in a less temporal way, in relation to the meaning of this number, is that, like a broken record, this repeating number suggests the vain efforts of man to reach the number 7, a number that can only be accomplished when man is reunited with God by the Holy Spirit. “For all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God ”, says Paul in Romans 3:23. Jesus, for example, answers Peter's question. He tells him that when his brother has sinned against him, he will have to forgive him, not up to 7 times as Peter thought would impress Jesus, but 70 times 7 times, which means an unlimited number of times. Far from being a religious fallacy, Jesus' response is an invitation to consider another dimension of life, a dimension where forgiveness becomes part of the nature of man. This unconditional forgiveness which Jesus himself expressed on the cross, is just impossible to feel and to give away if you are not indwelled by the Spirit of God.

Henceforth, 6,6,6, the unfinished number of the fallen man, is now displayed all over the world, signing our most prestigious achievements. We think that we are geniuses – almost gods. But God sees us as pathetic lone rangers, moreover associated with his enemies, hence also capable of the worst. In the alphabet of the original text, these juxtaposed letters are also represented as the sinuous tracks left by snakes, or made by claws, when an animal desperately tries to extricate itself from the slippery pit in which it is trapped. I do not know for what reason, perhaps because being rebellious is trendy in fashion, some brands were inspired by this concept. Another aspect that is much less known but which is very important is associated with this “signature”: it is a modification of genetic integrity, again with the aim of attaining a higher status, this time by the contribution of genetic material from other creatures – in this case, from angelic creatures. We know, because the Bible tells us about the Nephilims, or Anakims, that half-angel, half-man beings once inhabited the Earth. They were the result of relationships that rebellious angels, who had formed the project to substitute themselves to the Creator God and to get hold of the earth and of men for their own use, had with women. The Bible, and more particularly the Book of Enoch, teaches us that they produced a wicked race, very different from the other men. Thus, most of humanity had become genetically unrecoverable. “God looked at the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted its development on earth ”. God had to bring a flood, a deluge of water, to exterminate this hybrid humanity. It is likely that the dinosaurs were also among these unnatural creatures that God had to eliminate. Men, or part of them – the Anakims –, were giants with superhuman powers, which may one day explain some of the great mysteries of archeology. Have these hybrid men really all disappeared? This is the question we are entitled to ask. Long after the flood, the wars of Canaan brought the Israelites face to face with some of their survivors. Some of the spys reported that they were like grasshoppers in their sight. Their progenitors, the fallen angels, are in any case still present on earth, chained in a pit says the Bible, under the Antarctica according to some. They are by the way, drawing the attention of some zany scientists, and even of some religious people, who wish to get in touch with them in order to learn something from them that could “save” us from the dead end humanity seems to be heading. However, Jesus warned us by saying, “What happened in Noah's time will happen likewise (note the future form) at the coming of the Son of man.” The apostle Peter also said: “Save yourselves from this distorted generation”.

Jesus is mentioning numerous times throughout the Gospels that, he is the “Son of Man”. Now, does the word “man” stand here in opposition to the word God? Here is a clue. The meaning of the name Abraham is: Father of many people or nations. We know for a fact that from the seed of the same man, came two races of people who now consider each other, and for obscure reasons, as reciprocal enemies. What sets them apart? The Bible says that one is issued from the free woman and is therefore qualified to be a blessing to all nations. The other came from the maid as a fruit of unbelief and was therefore disqualified. Be reassured though if you think that you belong to the people that was disqualified : the whole human history quoted in the Bible with Babylon, Egypt and Israel, Ismael and Isaac, stands as an allegory. The reality is actually in Christ. No matter our birth or our origins, we are all spiritually disqualified until we make the move to be reborn from the free woman through the Spirit of Christ, and no one is excluded from this possibility. In this perspective, the word “man” stands in opposition, not to the word “God”, but to the word “beast”, which designates the man who is not regenerated by the Spirit and who is built on his own achievements and merits, on the application of laws, as good and necessary as they are, on religious or scientific principles that he himself developed. The Bible clearly states that all science and religion that is not redeemed by the blood of Christ, belongs to a fallen world whose gods are the fallen angels. This sets the background for what I will be mentioning next.

If we knew the Bible, we could learn lessons from the past for our present. But since we do not care about reading it, we are doomed to repeat some significant mistakes. What is probably going to happen is that, in an ultimate effort to steal us from God, the devil will try to drag us with him into his fall, not just by placing us under the influence of the corrupt spiritual world of the demons, but also by altering us at the very heart of what makes us humans, that is to say, in our genome, perhaps even going so far as to contaminate us physically with his own angelic nature, as he did in the antediluvian era. Yes but how? What was to be achieved through cross breed or through blood exchange, is now widely accessible to everyone, thanks to gene therapy. You have undoubtedly heard this word which is spreading in circles which want to be at the cutting edge of progress: "transhumanism" or the augmented man. This word, or rather this pseudo-science, is a logical response to the theory of evolution. It is a counterfeit which consists of substituting for the spiritual regeneration that God offers us now, with the promise of a future new glorious body at the return of Christ, an accelerated evolutionary process through genetics and robotics, in order to make us reach, through science, a higher level of existence. For example, the military world is very interested in these bio-sciences which could produce super-men with capacities which are far beyond the ordinary. We suspect that the Chinese are ahead of the game in this area. But more immediately, the health sector is very interested in extending our life span and perhaps, make us reach immortality. The vaccines industry has also a big share in these technologies and wants to integrate them in their development. Who benefits from the crime? Follow the money. Who could, in a situation of pandemic and unprecedented human distress, find a great source of profit by offering “proprietary” vaccines with extensive protective properties, active in the long term due to the physiological mechanisms that they will be able to “activate” in a person?

It is now certain that this new virus was originally developed in a laboratory, and this is fuelling the conspiracy thesis. Sequences from other viruses, including the HIV virus, have been added to it, which shows that it is not a natural thing. However, let's not be in haste to accuse one or the other. Men are only performers whose vision is often limited. The one responsible is quite simply this world, an independent system developed by humans under the supervision of devilish angels, which escapes all surveillance and is intended at making up for the absence of a creator God. It is the “Kosmos” which now manages all the aspects of our lives : political and financial, scientific and medical, as well as cultural, religious and moral, “this world of darkness” how Jesus calls it, and he tells us that we must not love it but save us from it, because it is doomed to destruction. Those fallen angels are the ones who hastened the global conspiracy. They did this to confuse men and to prevent them from seeing the emergence of Christ, whose coming is now so near. This virus is not intended at killing people even if a certain number die from it. Its dissemination provides a pretext to remove our liberties and to bring us into a form of captivity. Captives of vaccination programs, but beyond vaccination, captives of a global surveillance system under the pretext of prevention. The generic fear of an array of viruses that will surely break out for several more years will be used as a political weapon to take control of the entire world's population. The aim of this operation is to deprive men of their individual freedom by leading them to voluntarily yield their freedom to state surveillance. The diabolical plan tightens its grip… Who will be primarily targeted by these measures? You guess it: Socialism always starts by destroying the values of the Bible, to then achieve its ends through scientific obscurantism, and that alone shows who stands behind it. Once this totalitarianism will have been tacitly accepted because it promises to return us to “a normal life”, the development of new forms of “injectable therapies” will be pursued like the messiah, as foretold by the propaganda, and be imposed on the entire world population. The “Messenger RNA” vaccine is just a beginning. For now, we are reassured by being told that RNA vaccines will not modify our genes. Okay, but these vaccines are a Trojan horse. Evil always makes its way with subtlety. Soon we will see the emergence of DNA vaccines, which are far more effective in the long term. In fact, the Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccine is already based on modified DNA of a chimpanzee virus. They claim that this will not affect our genome, but personally I wouldn't bet too much on claims that come from a line of business that is developing both viruses and the means to fight them.

We are thus gradually exposed to more and more invasive technologie that we would never have accepted in normal times, in the manner of the frog placed in a beaker, very gradually heated, and which in its passivity will eventually be cooked. Once the principle of the vaccine, as the only tool capable of protecting us against a surge of biological weapons, is accepted, how far will gene therapy and electronic surveillance go? Our vaccine pedigree and other personal identification data, and also intended for the use of crypto-currencies as the only means of payment, will be contained in an electronic chip placed under our skin – this is already the case in some cutting edge companies – and even linked to the physiological signature specific to each individual: a project well named WO2020060606. The development promised by our technocrats will not stop there, and as always, excesses are to be feared. The big problem in our world for many people is overpopulation. What will prevent, for example, the NGOs funded by our new central state, or by extremely wealthy philanthropists, from secretly using these vaccine programs for shameful purposes, such as for example to sterilize entire groups of the population or to alter their vitality? We remember the Gulf War syndrome, the origin of which was a vaccine imposed on the American military. Even more devastating forms of control are being developed. Vaccines are already capable of altering the gene of self-determination, that which atheist scientists themselves call “the gene of God”, and to turn fanatics into docile people. We think also of wave beams, in relation to nano-particles in vaccines and other biotechnological injectable devices. In other words, our cellphones may no longer be the friends we thought they were. An American firm is in the process of setting up a network of hundreds of thousands of micro-satellites which will gravitate at a distance very close to the earth's surface. No point in the world will escape this coverage, officially intended for high-speed data traffic. In the hands of a world government, these antennas will not only be able to follow us and monitor us, denouncing our pranks, but according to some researchers, the system-resistant, located by their implants, will easily be dismissed or even executed on the spot without any other form of trial, by a wave beam emitted by antennas or by drones and satellites, triggering something that was previously injected in their body. I can't come any further, but the bleak future depicted in some science fiction movies might not be so distant anymore. Under the lobbying of new technology developers and their investors, our governments are on the verge of giving in to the establishment of transhumanist technologies which, accompanied by increasingly invasive and freedom depriving measures, could permanently alter humanity. The hidden objective of these people is to achieve through compulsory vaccination programs, a “sustainable management” of the “human herd”, that they consider to be their own. Those who now see themselves as an untouchable supra-state financial elite, the rest of the people being the “sheeple”, have gradually taken control of our economy, and especially of the media which they run to serve their interests – we should no longer deceive ourselves about the neutrality of our sources of information. However, what some have imagined for our bad, God can turn it for our good. Let's hope that this telecommunication system can also contribute in it's early stage to the spread of the Gospel.

But is this bio-electronic takeover of individuals by a central government what the Bible announces as the “mark of the Beast”? Probably not, and for the following reason: In Revelation 16: 2, John records this vision: “A malignant and painful ulcer struck the men who had the mark of the beast and who worshiped his image”. This mark is more than just an electronic passport. It is a sign of worship. According to what those who know the Bible well think, the mark mentioned in the book of Revelation relates to a very precise geopolitical context which concerns Israel. Israel which is still awaiting its Messiah, and which in its blindness could well welcome a false messiah, before realizing its mistake and finally recognizing in Yeshua, its Maschiah, its authentic Messiah.

The barcode is ultimately a very innocent and practical invention when used wisely. Today, the world is more and more divided and at all levels. Jesus announced it when he said that in the last days, ethnic groups will rise up against other ethnic groups. Dividing society against itself is the devil's recourse in situations where its legitimacy is threatened – let us remember the sinister Nero who, seeing with a bad eye the rise of Christians, had charged these Christians refractory to his “divine” authority of the responsibility for the burning of Rome – a fire that he himself had organized. With countless human losses – the Bible predicts that a third of the world's population will ultimately be destroyed by these plagues or by so-called emergency measures –, we are going to see a new kind of prejudice arise. Those for whom this dictate is an aberration and who refuse to submit to the system put in place, will be designated as those responsible for the chaos and sanctioned by popular vindictiveness. Many Christians are among those people for whom human medicine has its limits, and who in reality have other recourse. After speaking out against abortion and gay marriage, after favoring Israel, after supporting Donald Trump's anti-corruption policy, believers in God who will refuse their collaboration with the health system set up by our states under the umbrella of financial organizations and multinationals, will be hated and persecuted in a world confused and now delivered to the tyranny of evil spirits, as never before. If the Bible does not hide from us anything about the attacks that those resistant to the system will have to suffer from those who will be its slaves, Jesus has already informed his people that God has provided them with a way out, so that they do not do not have to go through this period of “great tribulation,” as the scholars call it.


It is essential to recognize that, on an individual level, God confronts us with a fundamental and determining choice.

If you are drafted into the military and ordered to harm innocent people, it is not considered a crime but an act of war. But with God, things are different. God has never allowed people to hide behind structures put in place by men to be relieved of their moral responsibilities. We will all have to make important choices in our lifetime, and the choice that matters most is who we belong to. In the book of Revelation, Jesus bluntly tells us that “whosoever shall worship the beast and his image, and be found having the mark of his name, shall be cast into the lake of fire and suffering, with the beast and his Prophet”. Will taking a vaccine or even a microchip make a difference? Probably not. They may affect us adversely, but the mark of the beast is neither. But what will make all the difference is who our heart belongs to: Christ or Satan.



Genesis 6 – Rising Darkness.

The technologies of transhumanism are the new tools that men are developing in an attempt to circumvent the biological limitations that God has placed on the human race until we access His glorious program for the regeneration of man. The goal of the forces of evil is to create a genetically irredeemable proto-humanity which will replace the authentic man created in the image of God. This already happened before Noah's days, and it was the reason for the flood.

CRISPR Tools for Gene Editing in the Brain

Understanding the Times.

If you add the values of the letters that make the word CORONAVIRUS, you get this famous infamous number. But what does the acronym COVID hide? Well, this long planned name comes down to this: Certificate Of Vaccinal Identity. Perhaps this is taking a very big step, but there is also more that you should know…

What if you could Vax people against War?

This dream is now accessible! A new vaccine called Funvax has been tested on thousands of warriors, violent people and religious fanatics. It turned them into obedient lambs. Now, this vaccine can be integrated into the Covid vaccine so that people will become voluntary servants of the new world order. … You can smile. The problem is, it's not a hoax.

What is WO2020060606 ?



Let's keep our head Cold and not be drowned by partial Information.

Corruption is the enemy of all democracies. Never, in our scientific age, has there been a talk for vaccinating the entire world's population in such haste, for a viral infection which when treated correctly, results in less than 0.05% death among a small group of vulnerable people. The vaccine producing industry has already rejected all liability for the possible consequences of their products, on our governments. Altogether, the consequences in the years to come of some of the measures taken during the corona crisis, will probably cause more fatalities and adversity than anything that the virus itself would have caused.

  «Inertia» Underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor.


“And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people. Because of the signs it was given power to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them to set up an image in honour of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. The second beast was given power to animate the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name”. Revelation 13.


Conformism is an attitude very widely studied in social sciences, which corresponds to a behaviour which is in adequacy with what is expected of an individual or of a group, in a given situation. To be compliant means not to deviate from the accepted norm, not to take a liberty by acting in a different way from what is socially expected. (Wikipedia)

“The opinion of the majority can only be the expression of incompetence”. René Guénon.


“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will”. Romans 12: 2



In my own experience, the best way to overcome anxiety disorders for good is to conquer them like a good little soldier would fight peace thieves. This is not our personal struggle and the issue is already settled. Bring the light and the victorious prospect of the Spirit of Almighty God, who is your staunch ally, into the ignorance and obscurity of your feelings, and fear and all those lying shadows will flee never to come back. As the saying goes, the best defence is attack!




COVID vaccination: “It is urgent to wait.”



The media condemned President Trump for his handling of the pandemic. Well, maybe he was right after all when he advocated the use of zinc and hydroxychloroquine. What this documentary filmed in France and in the United States shows us, is how the population has been deprived of simple and effective means of treatment, on the basis of disinformation carried out by the pharmaceutical industry. Watch the whole movie in French.


July 2020. What will the vaccine that everyone expects as the messiah, contain?

God has fearfully and wonderfully made us, says the psalmist. Pastor J.D Farag reviews some scientific evidence and leads us to ask ourselves some important questions. Why doctors, scientists, biotechnologists and pharmacists – those who by their science don't believe that there is a God at the origin of the human beings – so want to improve us by altering our DNA? Well, they ignore that our spirit can regenerate our DNA. But there is a secret reason: The devil knows that humans who have an altered genome are no longer humans in the prime sense of the word. Maybe it's time to remind ourselves that a long time ago, God had to bring a flood to wipe from the surface of the earth, a whole race of mutant humans. DNA-altering biotechnology designed by artificial intelligence is at the basis of the new COV-19 vaccine! A remarkable and welcome technology, says Bill Gate. Since some documents seem to indicate that COV-19 was a matter of scientific experimentation long before the virus was released, can we trust the vaccine industry? Will compulsory vaccination become the excuse for imposing DNA altering technology on all peoples of the world, and become part of this dreaded “Mark of the Beast”?

COVID-19 prevention

How is it that all the information revolves around a hypothetical vaccine, which in any case will have no long lasting effects against viruses which will evolve in time, when we are not told about the effective and accessible means of protecting ourselves against viral infections, for instance by taking zinc and vitamin D3?


More COVID resources


Covid 19 fraud exposed in NY Hospital

Psychological conditioning and preventive measures are extremely anxiety-provoking for vulnerable people. Nurse takes all risks to provide evidence: Many people come to hospitals with difficulty breathing due to panic attacks. Others with strokes or heart failure. Even tested negative, these people are immediately put on a ventilator and mixed with COVID patients. Many die of fear, heart failure, or exposure to COVID. Hospitals are thus promoting the pandemic and the COVID figures are artificially amplified. Of course, this situation is hopefully not representative of all hospitals and their dedicated caregivers.

A New Very High Risk Vaccine

The new COVID vaccine is highly harmful, according to Dr Vernon Coleman, a best-selling author and former senior doctor on BBC broadcasts. The first figures following the preliminary vaccinations in the USA show a little more than one hundred thousand vaccinations as of December 18. Among those people who received the first dose, more than 3,000 people were permanently affected by an illness that stopped them and forced them to seek medical help. This represents 2.8% of the vaccinated people. Extrapolating this figure, if 60 million English people receive the vaccine, 1.6 million will be unable to work and to carry out their daily activities and will require medical care. If the 6 billion Earth people receive the vaccine, the figure will rise to 167 million, and this only for the first few days and without considering the longer-term side-effects.
• What must we Expect from them?           • Dr Vernon Coleman resources

Dissolving Illusions

Not too long ago, lethal infections were feared in the Western world. Since that time, many countries have undergone a transformation from disease cesspools to much safer, healthier habitats. Today, we are told that medical interventions increased our lifespan and single-handedly prevented masses of deaths. But is this really true? Dissolving Illusions details facts and figures from long-overlooked medical journals, books, newspapers, and other sources. Using myth-shattering graphs, this book shows that vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical interventions are not responsible for the increase in lifespan and the decline in mortality from infectious diseases. Perhaps the best reason to know our history is so that the worst parts are never repeated.

Skin rash should be considered as a fourth key sign of COVID-19

Is my skin problem related to COVID? The first symptoms of COVID that are usually mentioned are loss of taste, headaches, breathing problems, fever, and stomach ache. The context of a pandemic can cause people to over-protect themselves by consuming citrus fruits, vitamin C and effervescent vitamins. At the same time, snacking on peanuts or sesame in particular will predispose us to have allergic reactions. The apparition of localized or generalized skin rash may ensue, due to intolerance to E330 or to apples for example. Taking antibiotics can also cause hives by disrupting digestive enzymes. But a chickenpox-like viral rash can also be linked to COVID. The first symptoms of COVID that are usually mentioned are loss of taste, headache, fever, and stomach ache. Then come respiratory problems. We hear less about skin rashes that manifest as a form of allergy or urticaria, erythema, a chickenpox-like rash, often confused with the symptoms of other diseases, or more specifically by kinds of frostbite called COVID toes and fingers. More than ten percent of people with COVID will only experience this symptom and run the risk of infecting those around them without knowing it.

South Dakota Example

Some state governors, like Kristi Noem, courageously defend constitutional and civic rights, and resist voices that arouse fear among the population. They made this decision not out of bravado, but to engage in spiritual warfare where faith in God opposes fear. And the numbers seem to confirm the merits of their position.

The Example of Spain

In Spain, more than 300 doctors believe that statistics are being manipulated. If they do not deny that there was a saturation of the care system at the start of the pandemic, they find that today the population has integrated the virus and that people who test positive are not sick for as much. Vaccination therefore seems to be superfluous or even detrimental for the population. The vaccination they claim is a vaccination against fear.

And if in Reality the Train was hiding Another?

The simultaneous arrival of technologies such as nano-particles in vaccines, in medicines, in food, and the compulsory vaccination program for children and influenza shots for the elderly, coinciding with the deployment of the 5G, is of great concern to independent scientists. They know that we have all the ingredients for the deployment of a devious and lethal weapon of mass destruction. What new part of this cabal will play in the COVID vaccine?

April 11, 2020

Medical Doctors reveal their unhappy experiences and their successes, gleaned over the previous weeks. A new understanding of the symptoms of COVID-19 has led to consider other approaches, which have shown great effectiveness. In a nutshell: target inflammation and prevent thrombotic damage to the capillaries. Use specific antibiotics. If verified, these therapeutic avenues will offer great hopes to patients and caregivers. Share this video with the medical doctors.

This recapture in French confirms the validity of this medical approach, by gathering converging findings from different MDs.

Simple Flu or COVID-19? The two viruses are spreading in parallel and it is useful to know how to differentiate them. Even more important is the application of measures to protect ourselves and protect others from contagion. But what is essential, even though very few people tell us about it, is the notion of terrain. There is the organic terrain, which may or may not favour the development of pulmonary pathology, and there is also the identitarian terrain. Keep yourself warm, vitamined and and energized, and stay strong and determined. 

COVID-19 Epidemics : What connection with the Feast of Easter ?

How to handle the Fear of the Coronavirus.












Ephesians 2:2



Today, the promoters of radio-coverage antennas hide behind the single statistic of brain tumors, explaining that it simply responds to the aging of the population, to deny the harmful effects of the waves. This is meant to hyde the numerous other effects of waves on health.


According to an article published in Dr. Mercola's online journal, exposure to electromagnetic waves expose, among others, to the following ill effects:


  • Excessive oxidative stress generating premature aging.
  • A breach in the blood-brain barrier allowing toxins to enter our brain.
  • The fragmentation of our DNA.
  • An alteration in the electrical functioning of cells.
  • Abnormal growths affecting blood, brain, auditory nerve, eyes, thyroid, breasts.
  • Neuronal death and synaptic dysfunction.
  • Reproductive problems in both sexes.
  • Bacterial overactivity as a defence mechanism, with production of mycotoxins.


Appeal of May 11 2015, to the United Nations, concerning the impact on health of the irradiation of the population by artificial microwave EMFs.

Dr Martin Blank of Columbia University – Appeals and evidence reports from doctors and the world's 253 specialised scientists, have remained ignored to this day.

Cell phones and WiFi networks emit microwave radiations.

Educate yourself on how to protect yourself and your children. Understand that the electro-sensitivity is multiplied when there is already a contamination by heavy metals.

Our body is set by biofrequencies.

From neuronal impulses and controlling heart beat, to cells replication and releasing hormones: each and every reaction is triggered by electrical commands. Our body can tolerate some electromagnetic interference, but when it is constant, the cells begin to die or mutate or to not regenerate properly your bones, your organs and your tissues. Electro-pollution could become the biggest man created problem.

The University of Melbourne — Dr Devra Davis

The truth about Mobile phone and Wireless radiation.

Mobile phones and WiFi devices manufacturers protect themselves against possible lawsuits by writing recommendations in their manuals. But who cares…

WHAT ABOUT 5 GEE ? In short : living close to a 5G transmitter is like standing in front of an open microwave.

But people want it !

• SEE IT MEASURED — WiFi Radiation - Dangers of WiFi



Lyme and other Tick born Diseases

The international scientific community fears that after wreaking havoc on the East Coast of the United States, borreliosis or Lyme's disease will become the 21st century's plague worldwide. Switzerland is already one of the most infected countries in Europe. Protect yourself for ticks in your outings.
Check my information page.

Dr. Richard Horowitz M.D. — 2017 Lyme Conference

Presenting ideas from his latest book.


Healing Lyme, with Stephen Harrod Buhner

In this episode, you will learn about herbal approaches for treating Lyme disease, how the environment impacts Lyme disease, and how plant medicines can be used to modulate and balance health.

Dr. David Jernigan — Assassins of Lyme Bacteria

Investigating new ways of clearing borrelias while preserving the protective bacterias.

Dr. David Jernigan—Helping the Body Beat Lyme Disease

Knowledge without wisdom can destroy us, and so does dealing with infections using chemicals only and without supporting proper immune function. Health is a state where the body can adapt instantly and directly to any challenge.

Dr Axe — Lyme Disease Treatment

Natural vs. Conventional + Prevention Tips.

Dr AXE — Why in our age of antibiotics and added preservatives, eating “dirt” can heal a leaky gut.

Dr Eric Berg—Lyme Disease Treatment

When to use Antibiotics and when to use Natural Remedies.

Dr Minkoff—Lyme Disease Treatment

When to use Antibiotics and when to use Other Therapies.

Dr John Aucott—Lyme Disease Treatment

How to use Doxycycline.

Dr. Melissa recommends the 7 Natural Ways she addresses treating Lyme disease in her Naturopathic Practice.

These are UNIQUE and ROOT CAUSE addressing treatments that have great impact on resolving Lyme parasites and bacterial infections.

You Won't Believe How Your Health Can Be Traced to Dental Health!

Metal filled teeth sometimes, but root canals most of the time, can be linked to conditions like breast cancer and other cancers, poor heart condition, arthritis, joint pain, kidney problems, low immune system and many more problems.

Dr Mercola on Root Canal.

“It's always been surprising to me how even physicians fail to appreciate how important the health of our teeth is to our total health.” 25 millions ROOT CANAL are done each year in the U.S. alone. Having permanent abscesses in your body sets you up for some very serious health conditions.

William D Nordquist — Periodontal Disease and its Relationship to Systemic Disease.

Periodontal Disease and its Relationship to Systemic Disease has recently come to be one of the most important topics in medicine. This video was made for physicians and dentists who treat chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases. It treats specifically on Lyme disease from minute 41.

UNCARIA TOMENTOSA — Cat's Claw : Your allied if you have Lyme.

Join Dr. Bond and his guest Chris Kilham, the medicine hunter, as they discuss the origins and health benefits of the herb Cat's Claw in its raw and natural form.

JAPANESE KNOTWEED — Polygonum cuspidatum, to be rehabilitated ?

Oddly enough, a weed that invades all continents (as borreliosis does) may be the most precious treasure of nature to treat Lyme disease symptoms. There is now another good reason to pull out those roots !



When doctors become the puppets of Big Pharma ... Today, most of our problems come from our way of life. This includes eating habits, industrial pollution, stress and even reckless medical procedures. Discerning what is hurting our bodies and what really helps us is essential. When we fall sick, understanding the causes of our illness early can be decisive for its outcome. Unfortunately, medical care focuses on relieving symptoms rather than treating the root of the disease. Using conventional medicine will therefore make us more and more dependent on doctors and their investigative tools, drugs and treatments, which are far from being innocuous. Even if we are better in some respects, we may soon be experiencing a series of so named iatrogenic conditions.

What comes out when we think it all over again?


STOP EATING These Foods To Burn Belly Fat | Mark Hyman

Belly fat, or visceral fat around the organs, is the number-one cause of aging. It drives inflammation, increases the risk of blood clots, changes your hormones and brain chemistry, and more. It’s a recipe for disaster in the body. Not only does belly fat surround the organs, but it’s an organ of its own that produces dangerous inflammatory cytokines that may lead to a cytokine storm. In short, we want to do everything we can to avoid belly fat.

Dr. Sten Ekberg & Lewis Howes discuss on major health issues.

What is real food vs processed food, how should we deal with overweight, carb, insulin resistance, vegan diet vs carnivore, fasting, nightshades, gluten, dairy , sweeteners, inflammation, diabetes, stress, emotional trauma and more? Are we all equal?

Functional Medicine versus symptomatic Medicine.

The single cause to more than 90% of diseases is cell malfunction.

When we give our cells the means to function properly, every disease becomes both avoidable and curable. “U.S. and some of the most developed countries in the world are on the verge of bankruptcy, because of the growing poor health condition of their population.”

What your doctor might not know about the adverse effects of drugs.


iHealth—The Health aware People's Channel

A very informative website, constantly updated.

Foods to Avoid and others to Favour for the Prostate's Health

Medication is a bad idea if it cancels the need to change eating habits.

The #1 Important Nutrient to Shrink Your Prostate | Dr. Eric Berg DC

What is the prostate? Find out what the most important nutrient is to support a healthy prostate.

The Legacy of Mirko Beljanski

Cancer Fighting Plants.

Dr Hulda CLARK — The Cure for all Diseases

This book is probably the best investment health wise. It brings an awareness on the many parasites and the chemical contaminants that are causing all diseases, and most importantly : how we can cleanse our body effectively at a low cost and preserve our health by staying away from the most recurrent contaminants. The Hulda Clark method has allowed thousands of people to heal from diseases deemed incurable.

Testimony — Overcoming MS with Hulda Clark's Methods

Dr Kellyann PETRUCCI — The incredible healing virtues of Bone Broth.

Colitis, Crohn's disease, obesity, degeneration and disrepair associated with inflammation of the intestine and stress, respond admirably to a forgotten healing substance: bone gelatin. Secret of the wellness of many celebrities, the simplicity of this treatment makes it an essential measure.

Dr Petrucci Interview

How lectins impact your health - from obesity to autoimmune disease and Parkinson disease – Dr Paul Mason

Plants develop toxins to protect themselves from being eaten. Those lectins are present in legumes, such as beans, lentils, peas, soybeans, and peanuts. nightshade vegetables, such as tomatoes and eggplant. dairy products, including milk, grains, such as barley, quinoa, and rice.

Better brain health through better food.

It appears we really are what we eat.

Repeated mammograms are a significant risk factor for cancer.

It is undeniable that mammograms save sometimes lives by making it possible to diagnose the presence of cancerous nodules in time. But the irradiation necessary for these examinations is important, equivalent according to some doctors to up to 20X the dose necessary for a lung exam. Their accumulation will therefore promote cancers. Their systematic and repeated use is strongly discouraged, especially since there are other types of effective and much less dangerous examinations, such as palpation, thermography and ultrasound.



The mouth, the root cause of many ailments

Up to 70% of all chronic diseases are related to interference fields in the oral cavity

Two of the best therapists and pioneers in their fields: Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for medicine and Dr. Ulrich Volz for dentistry, work on complete dental rehabilitation using biological therapy concepts and protocols.



ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE is not normal aging.

Big Pharma is only interested in cures. Alzheimer is a disease that can be treated. But the better we understand the causes of the disease and its progression, the sooner we will tackle the risk factors, and the better are our chances of aging without Alzheimer's disease. Studies show that if the progression curve continues, one in two people living in our Western world will be affected by the turn of this generation. The time invested to better understand the disease is certainly not wasted.



How I Reversed Multiple Sclerosis

One day in August 1984, home on summer break after my freshman year at college, I woke up with a creepy tingling in my feet which slowly rose to my chest. Later that day my parents and I sat in a neurologist’s office where she made the dreadful pronouncement: “I’m 99% sure you have multiple sclerosis (MS), and there’s nothing we can do.”



The Appendix is Not a useless Growth

It represents a safeguard of our bacterial flora in the event of intestinal disease. Researchers have demonstrated a relationship between appentectomy and a three-fold increased risk of developing Pakinson's disease, showing on the one hand that the appendix has its protective role to play, and on the other hand that Parkinson's Disease can be favored by a depletion of our microbiota.




Traditionally, Parkinson's disease has been classified as an irreversible progressive neurodegeneration. Patients who are prescribed Parkinson's symptoms relieving drugs find themselves later trapped in a cul-de-sac, with seemingly no way out and their doctors saying there’s nothing more they can do. The adverse effects of the drugs have hastened the progression of the disease and created a pathology of their own: mostly unbearable dyskinesias, brain degeneration and unbreakable addiction to dopaminergic drugs. It hasn't to be so. Many studies have shown that Parkinson's disease has causes, sometimes heavy metals poisoning, chemical or drug contaminations, infections and toxins, unbalanced hormonal flows. An anxiety and stress factor can also be added. When the causes are treated, the symptoms improve. The sooner they are addressed, the better.

What your neurologist might not know that you should know if you or a relative are affected with Parkinson.

Additional: Solutions for Parkinson's Disease

Should I listen to the neurologists, accept my fate and take the medication? Or, should I take personal responsibility for my health and seek out alternative approaches to dealing with Parkinson? Find out what allows Colin Potter and many others to live Parkinson free, years after they were diagnosed.


Dr Sarah King's Parkinson therapy Resources

There is a lot more to know about Parkinson disease that what most neurologists will tell you. Sarah King has many really helpful and encouraging tips to share, gleaned in her passionate quest for helping sufferers of this debilitating disease.

• Dr. SARAH KING — Interview with Colin Potter, how he reversed his Parkinson symptoms.

• GYRO-KINETICS — Goodbye Parkinson's Hello Life!

• FIGHT PARKINSON — Colin Potter's Blog on Recovery from Parkinson.

• Dr LONNIE HERMAN — Reversing Parkinson's Disease.

• JOHN GRAY — How I reversed My Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

• PARKINSON'S DISEASE — Managing Reversible Neurodegeneration

• RECOVERY STORY AFTER DETOX — Is it Parkinson or is it something else?

EATING ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and raw food is extremely helpful in case of neurodegenerative illness.




Parkinson's disease is presented as an incurable degenerative disease of the nervous system, caused by damaged nigrostriatal dopamine producing structures.

The symptoms can only be alleviated by doping the neurotransmitters with substitutes to dopamine. But in the medium term, these intakes lead to serious motor disorders. In addition, the accumulation in the brain of insoluble proteins generated from levodopa, accelerates the progression of the disease by provoking apoptosis. These drugs also contain inhibitors intended at slowing down their diffusion, but these will also affect the enzymatic processes B6 and B12 in relation to a peripheral neuropathy, and affect also the serotonin cycle, increasing the incidence of the disease on the patient's spirits. Since the introduction of these inhibitors in the 1980s, the mortality rate for treated patients has increased by 320% compared to what it was when L-Dopa was used alone. Should one therefore abstain from taking essential drugs? Their deleterious side effects can be delayed by an intake of antioxidants, by specific amino acids and vitamins. But don't expect your neurologist to add them on your prescription list.

How the relief of dopaminergic depletion with Levodopa medication will eventually create a pathology of its own.

• Levodopa induces apoptosis in cultured neuronal cells — a possible accelerator of nigrostriatal degeneration in Parkinson's disease?

• Levodopa toxicity and apoptosis — The extreme importance of antioxidants—particularly thiol-containing compounds–, for people who take Levodopa.

• 320% death rate increase due to inhibitors contained in Parkinson drugs — Both drugs irreversibly bind to and permanently deactivate pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (PLP), the active form of vitamin B6, and PLP-dependent enzymes. PLP is required for the function of over 300 enzymes and proteins.

• Parkinson Drugs induce peripheral neuropathy — Monitor your B12 levels.

• Vitamin B12 identified as the inhibitor of a key enzyme in hereditary Parkinson’s disease






Secret Ingredients You Never Knew About

It’s no surprise that over 70% of Americans are obese and overweight when over 60% of our calories come from ultra-processed foods like these…

7 Things Your Face Tells You About Your Blood Sugars

From Dr Eric Berg's own experience. Transform your face and your health with the simple knowledge of what to eat.

Reduce Refined Sugar from your Diet … and start Feeling much Better !

There are so many different products called sugar or sweeteners that are hidden in the processed food. Some of them are quite healthy in small amounts, but many of these refined products are really bad for our health. Learn to recognize what you eat before it's too late.


GLYPHOSATE interferes with other chemicals and causes gut depletion and cancer. It is now present in virtually any food.

The agri-food industry has adopted facilitated cultivation methods promoted by the giants of the chemical industry, based on the systematic application of herbicides in the cultivation process, sometimes even directly on resistant GMOs. Food that is reputed healthy becomes a potentially carcinogenic poison.




This report from the BBC explores some local stories that can easily be extrapolated to the modern and developed world. Man is social. But self worth is based upon what we produce, and once we are dropped by the system, loneliness becomes another terrible taskmaster. Ways of breaking solitude can lead to addictions which in turn bring shame and despair. It is important to recognize that our worth does not come from this world. Exposing the god of this world, Jesus said: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that men may have life, and may have it abundantly”.




Don't buy the Lie of Statin Drugs. They will kill you more likely than cholesterol. Adopt however a healthier diet and lifestyle.
Calcification of arteries is due to oxidative substances, mostly heavy metals, tobacco and alcohol, and also lack of exercise. Cholesterol is the compound provided by the body for the repair of the damages caused to arteries. Let's fight the causes, not the solution.

• WHEN DID YOUR PAIN STARTED? —  People don't often realize that their pain started as they got on medication, likely cholesterol lowering drugs… So what: an apple a day?


Death on prescription

In the United States, heroin-based pain killers are prescribed by doctors and sold in drugstores. Their sale brings in billions of dollars. These opioids lead to the same type of addiction as hard drugs. Last year, 72'000 people died of an overdose of these analgesics. Their controversial trade is now moving to Europe and Asia.

Chris Carberg: A Prescription for Addiction

The social, moral or simply financial pressures put on people are sometimes high, and easier to bear if you take some medication. At least that's what the industry and the prescribers would like us to believe. But then you end up in another nightmare : drug addiction. Chris Carberg, founder of Bible Sprout, shares his testimony and how true love changed his life.





“Like a mirage, the power of this god comes from his ability to adapt to circumstances. He never appears in a predetermined shape. So he was able to sack the Olympus.”

Mercury aka Hermes whose symbol is the Caduceus was the patron of the thieves and the liars. The most famous achievement of the Greek warriors was… the Trojan Horse. Our doctors have chosen the noblest profession which consists of helping their neighbour. But have they taken the full measure of this order to which they pledged allegiance and of its sources of influence?


• What your Dentist  MAY NOT KNOW about Mercury (Silver) Amalgam Fillings.

University of Calgary

How Mercury causes Neuronal Degeneration

Mercury is one of the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man. Yet it is used in proportions of up to 50 per cent of the total mass in amalgam fillings, a major mercury contaminant.

The Myth of Fluoride

Dr. David Kennedy says, the idea that fluoride reduces tooth decay is nothing but a myth. He mentions a much more effective way to help support our oral health, without poisoning our brain with fluoride. Find out how this can be done, by thinking in a different way !


ALUMINUM, the metal that poisons us.

Antiagglomerant, added to bakery products, to baby milk, salt and cosmetic powders, used to treat drinking water, released from food packaging, ingredient of gastric sootheners and of anti inflammatory ointments, active ingredient in antiperspirants, adjuvant to vaccines, and even sprayed experimentally in the upper atmosphere... Aluminium is in fact everywhere. With its notorious neurodegenerative action, it is widely implicated in macrophage myofasciitis (MFM), multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Breast cancer is also sometimes blamed on aluminium salts, from deodorants. Penetrating the micro-wounds of shaved armpits, and sprayed into our lungs.



A reminder
Vaccines: The Unauthorized Truth Pt. 1
Vaccines: The Unauthorized Truth Pt. 2
Vaccines: The Unauthorized Truth Pt. 5

Is there a link between the rise of degenerative diseases and generalized vaccination procedures?
The answer is yes absolutely, but evidences are denied.

Vaccines are a mixture of potentially harmful substances, singly or mixed with other chemicals. Research on the ill effects of vaccines has targeted Acetaminophen, Glutamate, Ethyl-mercury and Aluminum to name a few. But researchist Dr STEPHANIE SENEFF has pointed another partner in crime: Glyphosate. This herbicide is now omnipresent in food. It has the ability to change the molecular charge of aluminum, allowing it therefore to cross the gut and the blood-brain barrier as well and causing the sequels we know. Aluminum is unfortunately used as an adjuvant in vaccines. This synergy can explain, at least in part, why vaccines are a growing cause of accidents worldwide, such as permanent paralysis in adults, and children perfectly developed who are suddenly stricken with brain damage and autism. The ramping up of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are another outcome.

Thiomersal and Mertiolate are brand names for ethylmercury. This extremely powerful biocide directly attacks the neurons of which it dissolves the cells' membrane. However, ethylmercury continues to be used as a preservative in medical preparations and as an adjuvant in some vaccines, such as that against influenza, and what is even more intolerable, in the combined MMR vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella. This vaccine, given to young children, is the main cause of autism. Most children are affected to some extent, but some will be more susceptible. This documentary, of which the first part was censored, shows how the integrity of our children is compromised and the cover up of a crime against us for reasons of state.
See also:
The Cover Up.

Vaccine Makers Are Not Liable for Harm.

In 1985, 1 or 2 on 10,000 children had autism. Today, by the age of 6, most children have received routinely 49 doses of 14 different vaccines. There are estimates that 1 on 35 children develops a form of autism.

Squalene MF59 in Novartis Influenza Vaccines for civilians?

The highly toxic chemical, experimented without their consent on conscripts, which affected thousands of veterans with the Gulf War syndrome, consisting mainly in infertility and narcolepsy induced disabilities, is now being added to vaccines supposed to protect us from a simple flu? Hard to believe. The source of this information seems however trustworthy.

A Biblical Approach to Recovering from Autism.

Pastor Curry Blake speaks about the different factors that may give autism a ground, and what ususally triggers it. Whatever the physical causes, he has seen many cases of autism healed through prayer.

FIRST FRUITS — Book. God heals birth defects.

AN OTHER APPROACH to autism recovery.





PLEOMORPHISM in the Human Body

Antoine Béchamp versus Louis Pasteur?

What if he was right? - Antoine Béchamp : this name probably doesn't mean much to you. This is normal since the vision of medicine which had prevailed until his works on microzymas - or somatids - was swept away by Louis Pasteur and the new paradigm on which modern medicine was inspired - a medicine qualified by some of “petrochemical”, and one wonders why.

Of what sort was this major change? Everyone is aware of the conventional approach to blood studies: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma. But what has been hidden from us is that, in blood and tissues, innumerable small living particles called microzymas are the bricks of every cellular construct and the agents of combustions and enzymatic processes. Microzymas can produce bacteria, viruses and yeasts on demand, as part of our immune protection. But for the scientific medicine, microzymas do not exist and the microscopic examination of the blood which highlights them is prohibited. The main reason for that is that this approach questions the whole Darwinian approach to biology.   …

Read more

Before Pasteur, it was common knowledge that disease is the result of changes occurring in an organism. For Béchamp, the germ is nothing and the terrain is everything, as the physiologist Claude Bernard had already demonstrated. In other words: the apparition of germs is the consequence of a change in the intrinsic environment, and not the cause of the disease. Maggots for example feed on putrefied tissues, but they are not the cause. But Pasteur, encouraged by his first successes and strong of the support of politicians and industrialists, promoted the idea that diseases are caused by contamination by external germs, which will multiply in our body. This approach allowed them to elude the need to provide an healthy environment to the workers. However, it seems that on his deathbed, Pasteur wanted to rehabilitate Béchamp's point of view. Because while it is true that germs can infect us, the way they replicate has never been elucidated. Recent discoveries in physics and molecular biology seem to rehabilitate Béchamp, his fathers and his disciples. Their works on the microzymas, or somatids as Gaston Naessens calls them—these elementary particles of life found at the heart of every biological process—, provide an insight that can potentially revolutionize medicine.

According to theses studies, and for what I could understand, contagion is explained by a form of mimicry. Our mycrozymas containing a nano cristal of silicium, which basically is a memory chip, they are assigned to a specific task. But they can be hacked by bacteria or viruses, which are going to change their programming - much like a computer virus. When a virus infects a computer, it orchestrates its resources for the benefit of the creator of the virus. A virus is essentially a fragement of DNA contained in a membrane. This membrane has tools to penetrate our cells and inject its genes into them, which will bind with our DNA in order turn our cells into virus factories. The cells will eventually collapse and liberate their dangerous content. Our microzymas are the builders of these anarchic structure. Once the process is started, the original viruses may disappear, but the production of new viruses will continue for as long as the conditions that allowed their development remain the same.

Seen from this angle, disease is the consequence of a deterioration of conditions prevailing in our body. When the conditions are optimum—when they receive enough oxygen, sugar and vitamin C—, our microzymas are busy building healthy cells and maintaining an optimal immune system which will immediately recognize and kick out all intruders. But these particles of life also build saprophagous bacteria as needed, cleaning agents in other words. If we wound an apple, it will ferment and rot from the inside. This is due to an enzymatic process generated by the microzymas (micro zymase = small enzymatic agent). Just for the anecdote: alcohol is microzyma's pee, as Alain Scohy nicely puts it. We do not catch a disease, but we become sick when the agents that keep us healthy are overwhelmed by the task. Saprophages are then produced in outnumbers and become pathogenic. The microzymas obey the hormonal fluxes delivered by the blood, and probably to biomagnetic impulses as well. This functioning is orchestrated by the central nervous system, which itself is under the control of the intelligence of the being, and thus of the spirit. Bad thoughts, emotional wounds, sorrows, losses due to an accident or a handicap, and even an unfavorable medical prognosis are just as effective in forcing the chemically controlled gates that prevent the particles of life from turning into lethal particles, than an exposure to contaminants would be. Read also this excerpt on the Lyme Disease page.

The studies on somatids also sheds new light on the Bible when it quotes the Creator: «Only be sure that you do not eat the blood. For the blood is the life, and you may not eat the life with the flesh. You must not eat it. You must pour it on the ground like water (you are earth and you will return to the earth). You must not eat it, so that it may go well with you and with your children after you, when you do that which is right in the sight of the Lord.» New light also on the process of divine healing, which as many believe, consists of driving out one or several “daimonion” (= who divides or appropriates the divine power), those alien spiritual being or programs. Studies carried so far demonstrated that the microzymas are peculiar to a person or a living being, and are also specialized towards a part of the body.

• Some pioneers looked at the fundamental biology of the living and rediscovered an aspect eluded by the 20th century science and banned from medical treatises. The matter of their quests proved unfortunately threatening to them and their families. This discovery is, however, of paramount importance.

• Dr. Alain Scohy - (French) Microzymas ridicule microbism. A fascinating light on these tiny workers who work tirelessly to build and maintain our body by ensuring cell division, enzymatic processes, the production of the bacterias required for various maintenance tasks, and the storage of the individual's data at the level of the living matter. Some interesting allusions to other mysterious phenomena of the human bod, such as the reason for graft rejection, mimicry that seems to be the source of contagion, intercellular transmission and the importance of the mind for our health.

• Antoine Béchamp's Bio-Revolution .

• Another interesting point of view on the subject.

• More videos explaining the findings of Gaston Naessens.

• More teachings by Dr Alain Scohy (in French






• CHEMTRAILS — Urban legend or fact? Listen to what former FBI chief, today deceased, had to say.

Have you noticed that the plants foliage is not as beautiful as it used to be, that insects are disappearing and birds too, that the health of the populations is deteriorating? What if we were “sprinkled” without our awareness? Rest assured, this scenario imagined by a group of conspiration theorists of a plot fomented by the elite, to decimate mankind and replace it with a genetically or “divinely” improved race, is fictitious. Or perhaps not.

End of the World or great Spectacle?

Everything will depend on our point of view. At the time of the glory of the Kingdom of Persia, a greedy and jealous political adviser named Haman had devised a devilish plan to rid the Kingdom from all the Jews in order to seize their wealth and their land. But the young queen Esther knew how to melt the king's heart. The genocide was barely avoided, but guess who paid the price for his farce?



He who is the faithful witness to all these things says, “Yes, I am coming promptly!” Amen! Come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22: